Potatoes Stuffed With Cheese

Potatoes stuffed with cheese ...


Potatoes - Large
Knife (sharp)
Cheese - Goat (Or whatever else you want) remember, it's your kitchen.
If someone does not agree with you, use the sharp knife...
Bread crumbs
olive oil and flour

Peeled potatoes (2 RINGS PER PERSON)
cut it in rings of about one inch each.
fry it, yes, fry it just like you'd with French fries.
First ring in your left. "IF you look at photo"
Take it out of your pan,stay way from the hot oil, it's bad for you.
Let it seat in a cold place, we need it to go back to room temperature, otherwise the cheese will melt.
Take your cheese, I like to use goat's, soft and easy to cover the inside hole of the potatoes, but if you like you can add any stinking cheese you want, I mean it, it will taste even better.
Just mix them in a bowl, like if you were working with butter, spread over the hole.
Now take the eggs, beat them up, as if you were making an omellet, drop your potatoes stuffed with your favorite cheese in a plate with flour, on the egg, take it out and pass it on the bread crumbs, like "a la milanese"
and fry it again, until it's golden brown. (Last picture on the right).
For the dressing, you could use my previous recipe, it will taste great.

Now its the fun part...
Look at the other picture...